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Thank you for choosing City Circle / Gray Line Berlin! To make your experience as easy as possible, you'll find lots of information here for your perfect sightseeing trip. From using your headphones or choosing the right channel for the audio guide to the lost property office, we've put together some practical tips for you here. Enjoy your ride!

The most important thing first:

End of journey
in the evening
Keep in mind that our operation ends daily at 17:00 and your ride will stop on the route accordingly. To ride a full lap, you should therefore start your tour at around 2:30 pm at the latest.
Fahrplan ansehen
Our stops
Unfortunately, due to legal regulations, sightseeing bus stops are not permitted in Berlin. It is therefore best to take a look at our bus stop finder.
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Hop on & hop off:
Get back on board
As the name suggests, you can get on and off at any time within the validity of your ticket (24/48/72h) - even at a different stop and even the next day.
Where is the next bus?
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Your perfect sightseeing experience at City Circle:

  • 1. Earphones

    To use our audio guide, you will of course need earphones. If you haven't already discovered them when boarding the bus, you will find them on the right-hand side of the entrance to the bus, right next to the bus driver. Natürlich kostenfrei!

  • 2. Favorite seat

    As soon as you get on the bus, you can choose your favorite seat. There are no pre-reserved seats here. To enjoy the best view, we recommend a seat in the upper part of the bus. In summer and in good weather, some of the trips take place with the roof open.

  • 3. Connect your earphones

    Plug your headphones into the connection at the top left or right of the green device on the seat in front of you or on the side. The connection is marked with a headphone symbol.

  • 4. Audio channel

    You can then select the audio channel that suits you best using the two buttons below the display. By the way: We also recommend our entertaining children's channel (KID) for adults. The abbreviations for the languages are explained here.

  • 5. Volume

    Now all you have to do is set the volume that is most comfortable for you. You can do this easily using the two buttons to the right and left of the display. Your audio tour should now be working and you're ready to go. You may have to wait briefly until the next announcement is made.

  • 6. enjoy & share

    Now you can just sit back and enjoy your ride! We wish you a fantastic tour. Feel free to share your experience with us on Facebook or Instagram: tag @bustourberlin or use #citycircleberlin. You are welcome to use our free Wi-Fi to do so.
  • 7. Re-enter at any time

    With your Best of Berlin Ticket, which is valid for at least 24 hours, you can hop on and off at any of our 20 stops during our operating hours to create your own individual sightseeing experience.

Where do I get my earphones?

You can get your headphones free of charge from the driver at the front right of the bus entrance. 

Where do I connect the headphones?

You can connect your headphones to the top right or top left of the green device at the socket marked with the headphone symbol. 

How do I set the right channel or the desired language?

You can select the audio channel using the two buttons below the display. By the way: We also recommend our entertaining children's channel (KID) for adults. We have listed and explained the abbreviations for the languages for you here.

How do I set the volume?

You can adjust the volume using the two buttons to the right and left of the display.

What can I do if I have no sound on the headphones?

First you should check whether your headphones are defective. Please note: There may be short pauses in our audio track between the various sights. So wait a short moment first. If you still can't hear anything, you can first try a different headphone connection at a different seat.
If the headphone connection is defective, please inform our driver or our customer service team at info@city-circle.de by e-mail.
If your headphones still don't work, you can of course pick up new headphones at the bottom of the bus at any time.
We are very sorry if there are technical problems - please excuse the inconvenience!

Is there Wifi in the bus?

Yes there is! You can find it under the name "City Circle Gray Line WiFi" in your settings. Simply click on the network, confirm with the "Connect now" button - and you're online!

How do I find a bus stop near me?

The best way to find the nearest stop is to use our Finder.

Where can I see when the next bus is coming?

With our live tracker you can see where our buses are currently located on the route at any time. In our timetable you can see the planned departure times for each stop. Please note that there may be delays and deviations from the plan due to traffic.

At what intervals do the City Circle buses run?

Our buses currently run at 20 to 25-minute intervals.

When and where can I change to the boat (combined ticket)?

Please note: The ship is currently not sailing due to seasonal reasons. The season for boat trips with our partner Stern+Kreis is from March to December. You can buy combination tickets from us again in good time for the season.

What can I do if I have lost something on the bus?

This is of course annoying. Fortunately, most of the lost items are handed in to our drivers. You can contact our lost and found office at info@city-circle.de or by telephone on +49 30 880 41 90.

What should I definitely think about?

If you are visiting Berlin in summer, we strongly recommend that you take sunscreen with you on your hop on hop off tour. As our buses run without a roof in summer, sunscreen or a hat can definitely come in handy.

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What do the abbreviations mean when selecting the audio channel?

Use these abbreviations to select the desired language/channel:

Our recommendation for an entertaining tour through Berlin (not just for children):

  • German children's channel: KID
  • English children's channel: KIE

available languages

  • Deutsch: DEU
  • English: ENG
  • French: FRE
  • Spanish: ESP
  • Swedish: SWE
  • Danish: DAN
  • Italian: ITA
  • Russian: RUS
  • Dutch: NLD
  • Standard Chinese: ZHO
  • Polish: POL
  • Hebrew: HEB
  • Portuguese: POR
  • Arabic: ARA
  • Hindi: HIN
  • Indonesian: IND
  • Japanese: JAP
  • Korean: KOR
  • Ukranian: UKR
  • Turkish: TUR
Do you have any other questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team on: info@city-circle.de or by telephone at: +49 30 880 41 90