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From the USA to Germany | Discover Berlin with Gray Line Berlin

„Ich bin ein Berliner!“ – sound familiar? With this iconic phrase, John F Kennedy greeted the Berliners listening to his legendary speech in 1963. There is hardly another city with such an interesting, varied and terrible modern history as Berlin. But besides that, there is so much more to discover in Germany’s capitol. From the taste of a typical Berlin Currywurst to the thriving club culture and the many fascinating sights, you can experience almost anything here. 

1 tour. 20 stops. 100 highlights.
The best way to get a perfect overview of this amazing city is to take a hop on hop off sightseeing tour with Gray Line Berlin. Make the most of your time in Berlin after your long flight from the US. Explore the city efficiently with our City Circle / Gray Line Berlin Hop on Hop off tour, allowing you to comfortably visit numerous landmarks in a short amount of timesclut 

Gray Line Sightseeing berlin

What's there to experience in Germany's capital city?

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s past as you explore iconic landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie, traces of the Third Reich, and the poignant remnants of the Berlin Wall. For those with family ties, rediscover Berlin as a place where your loved ones were once stationed, uncovering personal stories woven into the city’s tapestry.

Embark on a comfortable and convenient exploration with our air-conditioned buses that allow you to hop on and off at your own pace. Relax and enjoy Berlin’s scenic beauty as you move through the city with ease.

Indulge in Berlin’s beer culture by visiting traditional beer gardens, classic breweries and trendy craft beer spots. Raise a glass to the city’s brewing heritage and savor each sip in an atmosphere that blends tradition with contemporary charm.

Follow in the footsteps of influential leaders like John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, who left their mark on Berlin with iconic speeches and historic visits. Experience the significance of these presidential moments as you walk the same paths they once trod.

Discover Berlin in 2.5 hours
Choose Gray Line for an unparalleled sightseeing experience where comfort, history and cultural exploration come together. Let Gray Line be your gateway to Berlin’s extraordinary stories and experiences. Your journey, your story – unfold it with Gray Line Berlin.

Best of Berlin

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  • Flexibility (exit and re-enter at any time as you like it)
  • Perfect view from our double-decker buses
  • Children up to the age of 6 travel free of charge
  • Convenient & stress-free (no long navigation & searching)
  • Family Tickets available: maximum of 2 adults and 3 children
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Check out our audio guide

Our audio guide provides you with all the important information about Berlin and its sights. Our children’s channel is especially interesting and highly recommended – even for adults. But just listen for yourself:

Do you have any questions?

What is a Hop on Hop off Sightseeing tour?

A Hop on Hop off tour allows you to explore Berlin at your own pace, hopping on and off at popular attractions using a convenient and flexible bus service.

How does the Gray Line Berlin Hop on Hop off tour work?

Gray Line Berlin offers a continuous loop of buses covering major landmarks. You can hop off at any designated stop, explore the area, and then hop back on the next available bus.

What are the key attractions covered by the Gray Line Berlin tour?
The tour takes you to famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and much more. You can find a detailed overview of all stops here!
Can I use the Hop on Hop off pass for multiple days?

Yes, Gray Line Berlin offers multi-day passes. You can explore the city over consecutive days, allowing for a more relaxed experience.

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