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Stop 17

Brandenburg Gate

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Brandenburg Gate

Das Brandenburger Tor ist das berühmteste Wahrzeichen und das einzige erhaltene Stadttor Berlins. Von 1961 bis 1989 stand es für die Trennung der Stadt in Ost und West. Seit dem Mauerfall ist es das Symbol für die Einheit Deutschlands.

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Holocaust Mahnmal

The Holocaust Memorial is a central location in Berlin commemorating the murder of Jews in Europe at the time of the Holocaust. The American architect Peter Eisenmann prevailed against many other architects from all over the world with his design. The inauguration took place in 2005 with a ceremony.
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Deutscher Bundestag

The Reichstag building is certainly one of the landmarks of the capital Berlin and an integral part of a city tour of Berlin. During the construction of the Berlin Reichtag, influences from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism were incorporated, resulting in a magnificent building. This was destroyed both in the First World War and in the Second World War and rebuilt again and again. Today the Berlin Reichstag is the seat of the German Bundestag.
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Brandenburg Gate

If you visit Berlin and haven't seen the Brandenburg Gate, you really can't be helped. It is the city's most important landmark and the symbolic place for German unity. The Brandenburg Gate was built from 1788 to 179+1 according to the plans of Carl Gotthard Langhans, who is based on the Propylaea of the Acropolis. While the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of unification today, it was a symbol of German division in GDR times. The Brandenburg Gate was expanded in 1793 with the Quadriga by Johann Gottfried Shadow.
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